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Wow, a 130% gain turned into loss just like that. Its cash reserves are almost exhausted and its stated reason for their IPO, attracting more franchisees to gain revenue growth for the franchisor, has come to a grinding halt because of “capital restraints”. This level seems attractive but may be I should be more careful as the main reason I bought Prolexus has gone. Should I buy more at such “low” price around 90sen? As for Prolexus, I have been watching this boutiques for around 2 years and have been patient enough not to buy it at higher price. Now when the blue line value is higher than the red line then the stock is beginning to climb, but keep an eye out on the blue line spread on distance points and if begins to shrink with the red line getting closer time to sell the stock. In this new operational role, Mr. Crittenden will work with Mike Corbat, the interim CEO of Citi Holdings, to optimize the value of the businesses in this unit. “About ten years from now,” he says, “what will they do?


GKT underwent a transformation some years back. In the meantime, Air Canada could be headed back to the teens, as new travel restrictions and lockdowns could happen before the next leg up. Unless you’ve got an awfully smart friend that’s liberating and financially active, it’s extremely seemingly that the “Hot tip” you receive can come back to you, already cold. Chances are the price of the gadget may come down anyway as newer gadgets are launched. While Tesla sales of software/tech will have higher margins, it the auto sales that are responsible for the bulking up of revenues over time. To see and feel the beauty and love that surrounds you all the time and not let the moments with your family that cannot be replaced escape forever. I disposed JAKS because I feel that its risk is too much for me to swallow now. It is suitable for those with low risk appetite or when time is not on their side.